TABIIB Desk efficiently helps clinics and hospitals add doctors to their database. It also helps clinics manage doctor profiles, schedules, and appointments.

TABIIB Desk can be used by clinics and hospitals that are looking to add doctors to their profiles.

TABIIB Desk is currently available in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,UAE and Qatar.

All information concerning appointments are subject to strict confidentiality, in accordance with the legal framework. Only the information that you enter in your Profile Page & the My Clinics Page will be viewed by others. Patients can access this information through the “My Appointments” page in their app. To better understand what Personal information we collect, use, share, disclose and protect, please visit Privacy Policy.

Yes. TABIIB Desk allows any clinic or hospital to register with it.

No. We at TABIIB do not offer medical services of any kind. TABIIB helps you set up schedules and manage appointments quickly, ensures that you get to the most relevant patients and alerts you about your upcoming appointments.

Our customer support team is always here to help you. You can email your queries on or call us at +973-33324459.

All the features that are available on the TABIIB platform will be available in the trial version too.

The trial version lasts for 90 days, after which you can purchase a subscription of your choice.

TABIIB Desk is free for 90 days, after which you can choose a package of your choice. The charges include

You can deactivate your account by sending an email request to You could also contact your relationship agent, who will assist you with the process.

Yes. TABIIB Desk has a flexible software that can be integrated with any Hospital Management System (HMS). Alternatively, TABIIB also provides an HMS to those clinics and hospitals that do not have one.