Connect With Patients & Doctors On One Platform

How It Works?

Create clinic
Add doctors to
Manage appointments

Why Choose TABIIB Desk?

Add doctors effortlessly :

Add existing doctors from your clinic to TABIIB Desk or verify and add new doctors

Use On-Cloud service :

Save patient information on secure cloud to ensure you never lose patient data

Manage appointments easily :

Access patient appointments and doctor schedules on one window

Book Walk-in appointments :

Along with web/app appointments, manage walk-in appointments on the same interface

Send timely notifications :

Update your patients on appointment booking and confirmation status

Use The TABIIB App

Find doctors near you who perfectly suit your needs
Read patient reviews & find the right doctor for you
Book appointments instantly using three simple steps
Receive SMS notifications for all your appointments
Get live updates on number of patients ahead of you


TABIIB Desk not only helps us manage our doctors’ appointments and schedules, but also helps doctors get a fair idea of the number of appointments and track relevant information.

Mrs Zainab

Chief Admin, Femina Clinic

The TABIIB Desk helps us efficiently manage multiple doctors, their schedules and appointments all on the same platform.

Mr Ali, Chief of Staff

Crompton Hospital